Thanks to the Queenstown Trails Trust who are integral in developing these exceptional trails, visitors never need hit the road or get in a car to experience the breathtaking sights, sounds and mountainous air of this region.

E-bikes represent a clean and quiet way to get about that is addictively fun and with local electricity generation from hydro and wind, our eBikes are literally powered by the wind, rain and you!

Get on your bike and charge about – it’s the new way to get the quintessential Queenstown experience.”

Campbell Read
Director of ChargeAbout NZ

Queenstown and its surrounds are a fantastic destination for both domestic and international visitors, this is already well known. However ebikes are the new frontier for enjoying the breath-taking scenery and natural wonders of this region, especially for those people who may not have previously experienced its full range of opportunities because they didn’t consider themselves the outdoors-type.